Do you want strategies and tactics that help you close a higher percentage of new clients?

Clients just want their problems solved. Here’s how to use smart email strategies, storytelling, value-adding content and EQ to position your firm above the rest.

Here’s Exactly How Email Can Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Sales Process

Sending the right email communications at the right time can indoctrinate and excite your prospects to the point where they’re practically begging to work with you. Here are some powerful email-centric strategies you can implement to help achieve this goal:

Deliver Your Industry Analyses And Problem-Solving IP Via Email Image

Deliver Your Industry Analyses And Problem-Solving IP Via Email

Create and send smart industry analyses, commentary, and IP to your prospects via email. This can be in written, diagrammatic, or video form. This includes but isn’t limited to short videos, analytical pieces, webinars, checklists, fact sheets, and scorecards your prospects can complete on their own.

Showcase Case Studies And Testimonials Image

Showcase Case Studies And Testimonials

Case studies are powerful sales tools. They empower you to “show, not sell”. When a prospect reads a case study, they’re learning about your skills, experience, and problem-solving capabilities (and are therefore being “sold to”) without knowing it. Use email to deliver rich text and/or video case studies.

Indoctrinate Prospects By Showing Them

Indoctrinate Prospects By Showing Them "Behind The Scenes"

We all work with those we like and trust. Use email to share videos, images, and other collateral that help your prospects understand who you really are (and the things you value). Examples include meet the team images and staff bios.

Nurture Potential Clients Using Automation Image

Nurture Potential Clients Using Automation

Use email autoresponders to deliver pre-written emails that form deep buying connections with your prospects, completely on autopilot.

Nurture Potential Clients Using Manual Broadcasts Image

Nurture Potential Clients Using Manual Broadcasts

Continue to educate and nurture your prospects using regular, handcrafted email messages. Aim to deliver unique value, every time.

And Here Are Some Success Tips You Can Use To Win A Higher Percentage Of Clients

Like most things, the top 20% of nuanced tactics can deliver 80% of your results. Here are some of our most-loved email marketing success tips:

Tell interesting, tasteful stories. Image

Tell interesting, tasteful stories.

The ancient art of storytelling forms deep connections with almost everyone. Email marketing is the perfect medium for storytelling. Use carefully crafted stories to deliver valuable information and hidden sales messages that captivate, connect, and convert new clients on autopilot.

Provide “coveted” information. Image

Provide “coveted” information.

Your subscribers and prospects *love* knowing information that others don’t. Provide your email list with valuable information they can’t get anywhere else, and they’ll quickly perceive you as an industry expert. Aim to make them the smartest person at their next family gathering.

Don’t oversell. Image

Don’t oversell.

It can be easy to over-sell in email marketing. Remember that you’re competing for attention inside a busy inbox. Aim to make every email educational or valuable in some way… and make selling an organic, secondary function of each broadcast.

Be wary of junk and spam filters. Image

Be wary of junk and spam filters.

Junk and spam filters are your worse enemy. Setting up DKIM and other email server verification settings can help with this. And avoid using words, phrases, and email structures that spam filters hate. A few tweaks to your email content strategy could greatly improve deliverability.

Is This You? “I’ve done all of these, but
I still can’t seem to win enough new business”

Do some or all of these problems ring true?

  • Are you seeing a high amount of “no-shows” for your sales process? Or, maybe you’re seeing very little interest in your initial consultation whatsoever?
  • Do your competitors seem to win more business than you do?
  • Are you sending regular emails to your list but fail to see any form of valuable response from your subscribers, leaving you second-guessing the whole thing?
  • Are you struggling to think of things to email your list, resulting in either no broadcasts or repetition of the same messages?
  • Have you heard about the business-growing capabilities of email funnels and landing pages, yet realise you don’t have the expertise to get them working?
  • Or maybe you’re just too time-poor to execute an email-centric business growth strategy?

Get An Email-Centric Digital Strategy For Your Business

Generate a stream of easier-to-close sales leads so you grow faster

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  • You’ll get a list of specific improvements to your entire digital marketing ecosystem, designed to help you generate more leads, improve efficiencies, and ultimately make more revenue and profit.
  • You’ll learn more about the power of storytelling and EQ. And we’ll chat about the different story types that captivate, connect, and convert new clients.
  • And you’ll get a clearly defined, step-by-step strategy for building an email-centric digital marketing strategy and funnel that contributes to your business’ growth goals.

Unlike most free services that are more like thinly veiled sales pitches, your consultation will give you our best advice, with zero obligation to engage us further. Email is the “dark horse” of digital marketing strategies, and we look forward to showing you some of our best ideas.

Naturally, we hope that by sharing our knowledge and expertise in this way, you’ll get so much valuable advice that you’ll consider choosing or recommending ProNarrative in the future. In any case, you have nothing to lose.

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