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Helping Brokers Grow Your Book In A Tough Market (Using Storytelling & Emotional Intelligence)

This guide help brokers solve some of your biggest problems: setting your brokerage apart, attracting ideal clients, and writing more loans in a tough lending market 

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Are you frustrated because you can’t solve these mortgage broker marketing issues?

  • You offer a great lending advisory service but can’t seem to generate enough leads for new deals

  • Your business coach is telling you to differentiate your mortgage broking business, but compliance and operational factors make this near-impossible… leaving you feeling frustrated and stuck

  • The cost of advertising is increasing, but you refuse to pay more for advertising that probably won’t convert anyways

  • Refi loan deals are supposedly “in abundance”, but they’re being snapped up by competitors with deeper advertising pockets

  • Your target lending niche or audience has completely dried up, because of rising interest rates

  • You’re feeling deflated because your book isn’t growing as fast as you’d hoped, leaving you tempted to go back to PAYG world

If you’re feeling some of these concerns, this guide, and it’s advanced sales and marketing strategies, will provide value. Click here to download the guide.

This guide is for mortgage brokers who wish to outsmart the market

Inside the guide, you will discover:

  • A transformational truth about mortgage broker marketing and how smart brokerages are leveraging it to get phenomenal results
  • Exactly where mortgage brokers should be using storytelling in your digital marketing, to help you stand apart from competition and capture the attention of a distracted market
  • The five places mortgage brokers can leverage the power of emotional intelligence in tactical marketing collateral, so you build a deeper connection with prospects, faster
  • Five smart ways to get your past clients talking about you more often, so they send more new clients your way
  • 6 strategic tools for improving mortgage broker lead generation, that are suitable for brokerages of all sizes and value propositions
  • 9 lead generation tactics that give smart brokerages a searing competitive advantage
  • 8 smart ways to attract “I’m still thinking” prospects into your email funnel, so you can nurture them into trusting followers who turn to you when their time is right
  • 20 examples of e-books, guides, or checklists
  • 17 of our best, battle-tested tactics for getting better performance from your email marketing campaigns (we’re reluctant to give these away)
  • 6 email and sms tactics for improving your sales process

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About the author

Ben Sweetlove

My name is Ben, and for more than 12 years I’ve provided value to businesses as a digital marketing strategist, agency leader, educator, and independent consultant. I’m the director of ProNarrative and the author of this guide.