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This smart email tool increases your flow of referrals and new sales leads in less than thirty minutes per month

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Get more of those warm,

You already know that referrals are easier to close. Yet frustratingly, they’re hard to generate ‘on demand’. This simple, done-for-you email tool will generate more talk amongst your past and current clients, boosting your stream of new loan deals.

Become a trusted broker
to people you haven’t met yet

Trust is the currency of a great client relationship, but it can’t be bought or forced. This smart email tool will nurture your network, educate a wider audience, and forge more trust with more people.

Stay relevant to existing clients without becoming a nuisance

Mortgage brokers are often forgotten after settlement. Ongoing communication solves this, but too much empty chatter pushes clients away. Instead, use this interesting, value-adding email tool to genuinely nurture (and retain) your clients long after settlement.

Finally, make yourself stand out in a wildly competitive industry

The mortgage broking space is cut throat. Unless you have deep advertising pockets or a hyper unique value proposition, you’re fighting shit uphill. Use this tool to stand out, grow your network on autopilot, and boost inbound referrals and lead gen.

You’re about to get the regular, premium content you need to unlock the power of the “Larger Market Formula”

So you generate leads and new loan deals

What is the Larger Market Formula?

Instead of marketing to the 3% who are ready to engage a broker now, target the top 37% who’ll soon be ready to buy. This ‘golden 37%’ is less crowded with competitors, and allows you to form deeperand more profitable relationships.

How to leverage this segment:

Provide valuable information to your past, current, and future clients on a regular basis, so you achieve ‘expert’ status and generate more leads and loan deals

How to leverage this segment:

Use empathy and knowledge of the lending and property market to agitate client problems and position your brokerage as the ideal solution for future clients

Here's how it works each month

1You sign up and provide your basic information

2You get a landing page that helps you grow your email list

3You get a weekly value-adding, authority-building email pre-written and sent to your email list for you

4You get a monthly Property Market Update sent to your list for you

How is this wildly different from anything else on the market?

  This Recurring
Monthly Program
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Articles Posted For You
To Boost Your Industry Authority

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Content Posted To Your
Social Media Profiles
To Nurture Your Digital Community

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Focus On Lead Generation
Instead Of Just “Publishing Stuff”

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Weekly Email Content To
Nurture Potential Clients
So You Nurture On Autopilot

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Monthly Email Content To
Nurture Your Trail Book
So You Increase Referrals

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And what types of article topics will be covered each month?

Each monthly fact sheet will contain four articles, planned using a mix of current events and evergreen educational content.

Example articles titles include:

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

X ways to assemble a deposit for your first (or next ) investment property

And why is it so effective at boosting your inbound referrals?

Here’s why the monthly ProReferral fact sheet works so well:

  • Your past clients won’t forget about you (and they’ll naturally promote your services to their own network)
  • Your current clients learn more about your skills and expertise (you quickly become their trusted advisor)
  • Your future clients perceive you as an expert faster and with less effort

Plus, everything is done for you – all you need to do is send your fact sheet to your email lists once per month.

Here are your questions answered:

How will my logo and contact details be presented on the Property Market Update?

Each Property Market Update will be customised to contain:

  • Your logo
  • Your name
  • Your business’ contact information
  • Your bio and a short capability statement about your business
  • Information about your initial consultation
  • Your credit license and other legal information
  • Your social media links
  • Your brand colours
  • A smart QR code that saves your contact record in a user’s phone, see demo:
Scan this with your smartphone
Can I completely customise the Property Market Update?

Yes, you can customise the Property Market Update to match your brand’s design style and fonts for a one-off fee of $799+GST.

This service does not add or remove any pages to the base Property Market Update design.

Can I print the Property Market Update and use it around my office?

Yes! The Property Market Update is A4 paper size, making it ideal to print out as needed.

What content will be included in each Property Market Update?

Each Property Market Update will contain:

  • An introductory, data-driven statement/opening narrative, reflective of what’s happening in the current property market.
  • One main article
  • Two sub-articles
  • A bio about you, and your contact information (see above)
  • Direct response language that actively seeks referrals
Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes! You can unsubscribe at any time. There are no lock-in contracts.

Is there a money-back guarantee? What if it sucks?

You are backed by two guarantees.

Guarantee 1: Month 1 – If you’re not happy in your first month, we’ll refund your $1 and send you a box of doughnuts.

Guarantee 2: Ongoing – Each month, from month 2 onwards, you’re backed by a 21-day money-back guarantee (from the day you receive your Property Market Update). In other words, if you don’t like what you see, you have 21 days to cancel your subscription and get a full refund.

What if I have multiple brokers at my firm?

Discounts are available for group licences.

You get your own landing page, too.

Promote your monthly Property Market Update to new eyeballs

Grow a valuable email list

You’ll also get a customised, hosted, done-for-you landing page that:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to helping your digital community
  • Collects new email subscribers for your Property Market Update service

This means you can promote the educational benefits of your monthly Property Market Update service:

  • On your website
  • On your LinkedIn Profile
  • In paid social media campaigns
  • Wherever you promote your business
See an example landing page here

Your first month is only $1

And you’re backed by an ongoing, no-questions-asked 21-day money-back guarantee (that starts fresh each month).

Oh, and we’ll send you a box of doughnuts

and happily refund your $1 if you’re not happy in your first month.

Don’t Pay $4500 A Month (Or More) To Produce These Strategies Each Month

If you researched, wrote, and designed this Property Market Update and weekly social media posts yourself, you’d lose eight hours (or more) each week. As rainmaker, your time is worth $500/hr+ (you calculate the opportunity cost here).

If you delegated these deliverables to a junior in your office, you’d probably be underwhelmed by their writing or design (they’re not a specialist content writer or designer, right?).

And if you assembled a team of freelancers:

A researcher would charge at least four or five hours to prepare the contents for each Property Market Update and social media post.


A specialist copywriter will charge anywhere from $500-$2000 to prepare the copy for each Property Market Update and social media post.


A designer would charge at least ten hours to prepare the contents for each Property Market Update and social media post.


$4500+/month if you hired your own team

This Is Your Opportunity To Make A Big Difference To Your Broking Business

Here’s What You’re Going To Get Each And Every Month

Multi-Page Property Market Update Carefully Written To Generate New Loan Referrals

  • Customised with your name, picture, logo, and brand colour
  • Written by an experienced property specialist
  • Delivered to your inbox automatically, each month
  • Ready for you to send to your community (takes 5 minutes)

A High-Converting Landing Page That Grows Your Email List

  • Capture new subscribers
  • Grow your email list
  • Demonstrate your commitment to helping your digital community
  • Promote on LinkedIn, social media ads, your website
  • Customised with your name, picture, logo, and brand colour

A Pre-Written “Ice Breaker” Email For Sending Your Property Market Update For The First Time

  • When you receive your first Property Market Update, you’ll get a tactical “ice breaker” email that helps you re-establish communication with recipients who may not have heard from you in a while
  • This email introduces your monthly Property Market Update service and frames it as a way for you to provide even more value to your clients
  • Simply cut and paste into your email program, edit, and send

A Pre-Written Tactical Email For Sending Your New Property Market Update Each Month

  • Takes the hard work out of emailing your book and potential clients
  • Simply cut and paste into your email program, edit, and send
  • No fluff, no bullshit, just a short, interesting email asking your readers to read your Property Market Update and send new business your way

Here’s What Will Happen Within Minutes Of Signing Up To This Affordable Monthly Program


You provide your logo and other details.

You provide your logo, contact details,
and other information as per our easy-to-follow onboarding process.


We build your Property Market Update.

Then, up to four business days later, our team of real humans will prepare and send your Property Market Update, email, social media post, and landing page.


You get a new Property Market Update each month, and your social media content, too.

Each month, you’ll receive a new Property Market Update, a new broadcast email, your social media posts, and ongoing access to your landing page. You’re backed by an ongoing money-back guarantee.

Now, You Have A Simple Choice

You can hope and pray

that your past clients talk about your services to their friends, family, and colleagues… “hopefully” leading to more loan deals that create the brokerage you always dreamed of…

Or you can confidently send this Property Market Update and generate more referral activity

You have the opportunity to create a powerful word-of-mouth whirlwind that puts your name (and expertise) DIRECTLY into the conversations of people you’ve never met.

  • Don’t forget how easy referrals are to close.
  • Don’t forget about those doughnuts.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
  • 21-day money-back guarantee, every month.
  • Take control of your word of mouth marketing.
  • We can’t wait to have you onboard.

And then only $349+GST per month from month two, ongoing. Group discounts available.

Download a preview of October 2023’s Property Market Update