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Digital Marketing Strategy

Using Storytelling, EQ & Email

Here’s how to use storytelling, emotional intelligence, and email to grow your business    

It’s difficult finding and closing new clients, customers, or patients for your service business. Before someone decides to engage you, they must:

  • Trust you
  • Be satisfied in your technical abilities
  • Feel safe handing over their information
  • Like your ‘bedside manner’
  • Prefer you over the dozens of other options available to them

Email marketing is the perfect sales and marketing tool for achieving these goals. 

A good digital marketing strategy is like a shot of pure adrenaline for business growth and scalability 

An effective email-centric digital marketing strategy attracts new clients in abundance, inspires existing clients to grow (and advocate), and helps you operate more profitably. An email-centric digital marketing strategy improves every stage of your client lifecycle: 

  • Awareness: You’ll generate a wider and deeper awareness of your firm’s capabilities, in a manner that differentiates you from your competitors. In other words, you’ll stand out as the best logical and emotional choice for future clients.  
  • Consideration: You’ll organically and effortlessly attract new clients into your sales process, instead of having to “push and persuade” them. Optimising this stage sets you up for better quality sales conversations that are light years’ easier to close
  • Purchase & Delivery: Converting, onboarding, and delivering to clients will be powered by neatly-defined delivery and communication systems. Your clients will love working with you, and your team won’t struggle to deliver their best work. 
  • Retention: You’ll impress and inspire existing clients natively, resulting in longer tenures and higher average client values. You’ll provide additional educational value to your growing stable of clients, ensuring you maintain a competitive advantage long after your ‘honeymoon period’ has ended. 
  • Loyalty & Advocacy: You’ll create a loyal army of advocates who naturally promote your business to their networks and beyond. Smart email strategies will help you spread your insights and expertise into new pockets of ideal clients, resulting in more warm referrals.  

Email is very accessible but rarely mastered (resulting in disappointment and lost opportunity)

Anyone can send an email, but few experts master this powerful channel. This results in disappointment, disenchantment, and lost opportunity. Do some of these issues sound familiar?

  • Maybe you created a ‘downloadable PDF’ to grow your list and generate enquiries, but it completely failed to perform like you’d hoped. 
  • Maybe you have a big email list already, but no one reads your emails. It feels like you broadcast to tumbleweeds.
  • Maybe you’re stuck on content ideas, which means you often avoid broadcasting to your list.
  • Maybe social media is getting great results for your business, but you’re too time-poor to try and get the same from email. 
  • Or maybe you’ve never seen email work well, and you need a bit of convincing to invest in it.

Many other professional service business leaders experience the same problems. However, if you don’t master email for your professional services business, you’re leaving money on the table (and letting your competitors shoot ahead). Let’s discuss your growth goals and create a killer email-centric digital marketing strategy that improves every stage of your client lifecycle. 

What is an email-centric digital marketing strategy? (and what can it do for you?)

An email-centric digital marketing strategy is a clearly-defined “formula” for generating more ideal clients from digital channels.

An email-centric digital marketing strategy operates with email marketing at its core and is supported by other digital channels and strategies including:

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Conversion rate optimisation, including landing page development
  • Social media marketing 
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics and testing

An email-centric digital marketing strategy defines:

  • Your unique client journey, and each regular communication touchpoints required to naturally attract and impress clients 
  • Your sales and marketing offers, and how they are leveraged via email 
  • Your email to website strategy, and the qualities of key landing pages (your homepage, key persona pages, key offer pages)
  • Your unique value proposition, and how this is communicated via email 
  • When and where email automation is to be implemented, so that you nurture prospects and clients on autopilot
  • The topics and frequency of manual email broadcasts (that actually create valuable business activity, and don’t waste the time of both you and your clients)
  • Other email and SMS automation that helps you deliver great work as efficiently as possible
  • Your brand’s email tone and visual style
  • Your internal email signatures, styles, and other tactical deliverables

Then, you’ll need:

  • A campaign design and deployment plan, using Facebook ads, and/or Google ADs, and/or LinkedIn ads etc.
  • A deliverable implementation plan, so you know exactly what needs to be done, and when, to achieve your desired outcome
  • An optimisation and reporting schedule, so you can grow with intent and predictability
  • A metric oversight framework

How To Get A Valuable Digital Strategy For Your Business

The quickest and easiest way to get a powerful, business-growing digital strategy is by requesting a consultation with one of our specialists.

We’ll discuss your current situation and where you want to be. We’ll talk about storytelling, emotional intelligence and the use of email marketing. And we’ll give you an easy-to-understand digital strategy blueprint that explains exactly how digital marketing can generate a stream of ideal clients for your professional services firm.