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Virtual Digital Marketing Manager Service

Free Your Time, Grow Your Business

Are you in that awkward stage of growth where you need (but can’t justify) an in-house digital marketer?

As the leader of a professional services firm, you understand the potential of digital marketing. 

Yet if you’re like many others, your current stage of growth cannot justify to invest in a competitive salary, laptop, training, coaching, rent, and other HR expenses that are attached to an in-house Digital Marketing Manager. 

Nor can you invest in the risk of a costly mis-hire in today’s wildly competitive labour market.

Do these problems seem familiar to you?

  • Are you neglecting your email list of past or potential clients because you don’t have the time or skills to research, design, create and execute digital marketing campaigns?
  • Do you have unfinished digital projects (such as a website or campaign launch) or concepts for new digital deliverables, but are too time poor to bring them to fruition?
  • Are you underwhelmed by the results of your digital marketing (either due to your strategy, or execution, or both)?
  • Are you too time poor to implement impactful digital marketing, and/or you realise that marketing is a function better delegated to an experienced specialist?
  • Is a dedicated full time marketing specialist too costly for your current stage of business growth?
  • Are you concerned that FTE marketing resources aren’t motivated enough to meet the entrepreneurial spirit of your leadership team?
  • Are you struggling to find a full time digital marketing manager, because the labour market is dry as a bone right now?
  • Or maybe you’ve been burnt by a bad experience and you want to engage a specialist inside the safety of an agency relationship, to ensure your Virtual Digital Marketing Manager is driven to succeed (instead of a FTE putting their feet up or providing unacceptable results)?

Many other professional services business leaders have these concerns. That’s why we created our Virtual Digital Marketing Manager service.

Here’s what a ProNarrative Virtual Digital Marketing Manager can do for your business

An engagement with a ProNarrative Virtual Digital Marketing Manager gives you the best of both worlds. You get the business-growing value of an experienced marketing business leader (who’s inherently motivated to get you results) without having to pay for a full-time resource.

Your ProNarrative Virtual Digital Marketing Manager is skilled and experienced in these areas:

  • Digital strategy and planning (primary skill)
  • Digital project management (primary skill) 
  • Online lead generation (primary skill)
  • Management of website development team
  • Copywriting and content writing, overseeing specialists 
  • Social media advertising, overseeing specialists 
  • Search engine marketing, overseeing specialists 
  • Search engine optimisation, overseeing specialists  
  • Social media marketing and community management, overseeing specialists 
  • Stakeholder management

In other words, your ProNarrative Virtual Digital Marketing Manager will:

  • Recommend and prioritise online marketing deliverables that provide tangible business results, and avoid doing “stuff” that provides little or no value.
  • Champion digital marketing for your organisation, and aim to constantly “push the envelope” to drive growth via digital channels. 
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of repeated and one-time digital marketing campaigns.
  • Help you plan and implement new and existing digital projects (eg. website builds or updates).
  • Act as the conduit between your business’ leadership team and your digital marketing functions.
  • Provide detailed reporting on the performance of your digital channels.
  • Contribute to your senior leadership team’s planning process, where appropriate.
  • Manage your website’s hosting provider, plugin updates, and development team.
  • Oversee your existing contractors, or recommend contractors where needed. 
  • Provide input on creative decisions.
  • Bring fresh corporate skills to your team, including smart business practices and recommendations for nooks, tools, practices, podcasts, apps, software, etc.
  • Never stop improving their digital marketing skills (this industry is continually evolving).

How much does it cost, and how do I learn more?

Our fees are tailored to your requirements. In other words, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. This means you only pay for the deliverables, management, and accountability you need, and nothing else.

The next step towards getting a virtual digital marketing manager is to request a free consultation with one of our specialists.