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Unlock Explosive Business Growth By Differentiating Your Digital Marketing

Are you frustrated because you can’t use “differentiation” as a growth strategy for your business? Download our best strategies for making you uniquely desirable to your market, even if you can’t naturally differentiate your business.

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You already know that differentiation is an explosive growth strategy.

However, the painful truth is that differentiation is *impossible* for many businesses. Some are simply unable to create a novel or unique service that sets you apart from others.

This means that your marketing ends up being ineffective, your sales pipeline is inconsistent, and you end up relying on word of mouth (or pure luck) as your source of sales.

As a result, you settle for mediocre growth or you pay far too much for ad campaigns that just don’t work.

None of these options are desirable. The question is, what can you do instead?

You may be interested in this guide that shows you how to differentiate your sales and marketing, when you are unable to differentiate your business model.


Inside this guide you’ll get:

  • An ‘ancient’ strategy that captures attention, builds relationships, and delivers sales messages that your subscribers actually want to hear
  • A Facebook Ad template that leverages problem solving and empathy to set you apart from others
  • How a smart ‘anchored’ pricing model helps you stand out from your competitors (and helps you charge more for your services)
  • How to use ‘pattern interrupts’ to prevent ad fatigue and accelerate competitive cut through
  • Smart personalisation strategies that position you as a valued source of information, and therefore a trusted authority
  • Five types of social proof, and six places you can use them
  • And other strategies that leverage empathy, problem solving skills, and the reduction of ‘cognitive complexity’ in your sales and marketing messaging to help you leap ahead of your competitors

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Bonus Section: Social Ad Archetype System

Use personality archetypes to create social media ads that connect with your market

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Ben Sweetlove

I’ve been helping businesses generate leads and sales online for more than twelve years—by helping them build valuable customer relationships in markets that are often jaded, fatigued, and saturated with competitors.

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